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Jennifer Potthoff

Jennifer Potthoff

Wissenschaftliche Referentin

Tel: 0221 4981-752
  • Seit 2021 im IW
  • Bis 2020 Studium International Business (B.Sc.) an der Technischen Hochschule Köln
  • Aktuell Masterstudium der IW Akademie/TH Köln: Behavioral Ethics, Economics and Psychology (M.A.)



Enste, Dominik / Potthoff, Jennifer, 2020, The Business Ethics of the Corona Crisis. A critical analysis of political measures, economic consequences, and ethical challenges, IW-Report, Nr. 55, Köln
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The Business Ethics of the Corona Crisis
IW-Report Nr. 55 28. Oktober 2020

The Business Ethics of the Corona Crisis

Dominik Enste / Jennifer Potthoff

This research work is intended to analyze the economic consequences and ethical challenges that are caused by the coronavirus pandemic and to predict whether one can find a balance within the arising conflict of interest between economy, health and ethics. The solution strategies of Germany, Sweden and South Korea will be compared in order to evaluate different types of crisis management and to finally derive possible lessons from the crisis.


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