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Eiffelturm iwd 27. März 2014

Straßenlaterne wird 125

Was mussten sich Gustave Eiffel, Maurice Koechlin und Émile Nouguier nicht alles anhören, als sie anlässlich der Weltausstellung 1889 in nur 25 Monaten den Eiffelturm mitten in Paris bauten:

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Surplus is no ground for sanctions
Michael Grömling iwd 15. November 2016

Current account: Surplus is no ground for sanctions

The German economy is operating profitably in foreign trade. But contrary to popular belief, the current account surplus does not adversely affect the European countries impacted by the financial crisis. Indeed, the economic ascent of the newly industrialised ...


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Adriana Neligan iwd 29. November 2016

German Energy turn-around – Energiewende: Electricity looking for storage

Battery storage could go mainstream with growing shares of power produced from wind and sun and electric cars becoming more common in the streets. A rapid growth of the role of rechargeable batteries would, however, also lead to a significantly higher demand ...


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