The IW – an attractive employer

The German Economic Institute (IW) and its subsidiaries, IW Medien, IW Consult, IW JUNIOR and IW Academy, offer an exciting and demanding working environment. The combination of in-depth scientific work in the research departments of the institute proper and professional public relations at IW Medien is exceptional. If you are interested in economic issues and can identify with our slogan ‘advertising for a market economy’ then we may have just the job for you.

The IW offers an achievement-based culture, anchored in our mission statement, which is both challenging and supportive. The skills, motivation and creativity of our staff are the key to our success. At the IW, the rewards for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, an understanding of service and a commitment to the task in hand are high.

We offer our staff career support with courses in professional and personal development and a wide range of individual training opportunities.

Our culture of achievement is equally reflected in target-based and performance-related pay. Additional financial incentives are available in the form of a company pension, subsidised savings plans and such fringe benefits as free access to local public transport.

The IW sets great store by the right work-life balance and we have a long-term commitment to consistent family-friendly personnel policies. Flexible working hours, telework and working from home in certain cases enable our staff to optimise the balance between their professional and their private lives. Individuals with disabilities will find in the IW an employer responsive to their special needs. In addition, we are strong believers in pro-active health management and offer our staff not only biannual health-and-fitness weeks but also a wide range of health checks and other programmes to ensure their physical well-being. We are an equal opportunities employer and support our female and male staff equally in the development of their careers.

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Employee Committee

Since 2007 an Employee Committee has allowed the staff of the IW Group substantial involvement in determining their working conditions. The committee, consisting of five employee representatives, monitors compliance with the agreements currently in force and mediates in conflicts between management and staff.