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Circular Economy

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German industry is expert at recycling, repairing and reusing, and could thus profit from the growing environmental awareness in many countries.

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A functioning circulating economy keeps the complete product life cycle in view and avoids waste at all stages of the value chain: from product development via production to disposal. Consideration of these issues at the design stage is crucial as up to 80 per cent of the environmental consequences are already determined in this early phase.

Among other things, a circulating economy is based on the use of secondary raw materials and on an optimal reuse of waste. Thanks to the expertise gathered in its recycling sector, Germany is the European leader in reutilization. German industry could help other countries to increase their recycling quotas, and would thus profit from growing environmental awareness.

Sarah Fluchs

Dr. Sarah Fluchs

Economist for Environment, Circular Economy and Sustainability

Tel+49 221 4981-838


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Adriana Neligan

Dr. Adriana Neligan

Senior Economist for Green Economy and Resource Economics

Tel+49 30 27877-128



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