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Information on the Institute’s upcoming events and documentations of past events.

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13. Jun 13. Jun
Philipp Saueracker Event 13. June 2023

Europe’s Digital Decade: how to reach a skilled workforce in 2030 to succeed in the digital transformation?

At the beginning of this year, the European Commission launched the first cycle of the Digital Decade policy program.


Events in the past

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23. May 23. May
Sandra Parthie Event 23. May 2023

Live Stream: Net-Zero Industry Act: Europäische Antwort auf den IRA?

Mit dem „Net-Zero Industry Act” will die Europäische Kommission den Ausbau sauberer Technologien in der EU gezielt fördern, damit sie bis 2030 mindestens 40% des Bedarfs der Union abdecken.


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21. Nov 21. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 21. November 2022

panel discussion: Challenging times for the US and EU - Where are the economic and monetary policies headed?

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine triggered massive price increases. But even before that, there were high inflation risks due to the Corona pandemic and creeping deglobalization. How should governments and central banks respond now?


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7. Nov 7. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 7. November 2022

Reinventing EU economic governance: What will become of the Stability and Growth Pact?

In the framework of the Spring 2022 European Semester package, the Commission announced the far-reaching decision to continue applying the general escape clause of the EU fiscal rules. This means that the deficit and debt rules can be ignored by the member states with the intention to provide financial support to businesses and citizens in times of crisis.


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21. Jun 21. Jun
Philipp Saueracker Event 21. June 2022

EU/China/USA- three bloc systemic conflict: Digital policies as trade barriers?!

European companies operate world-wide within international value-chains, networks and ecosystems. However, the world is changing for geopolitical reasons. Increasingly, it becomes divided into large blocks with the EU, the United States and China at the forefront.


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15. Jun 15. Jun
Sandra Parthie Event 15. June 2022

Panel discussion: Basel implementation in challenging times – How to find the right balance?

There are plenty of challenges ahead of us, the transition to a digital and sustainable economy, dealing with the impacts of the pandemic and a staggering inflation. Also the ussian aggression against Ukraine has made a recalibration of our political and economic priorities necessary.


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3. Jun 3. Jun
Hubertus Bardt Event 3. June 2022

virtual symposium: Digital Innovation for Decarbonization

Cracking the „twin challenge” of digital and green transformation could have a huge impact on future energy supply and decarbonization. Our experts will show the potentials of digital innovation along the entire value chain, from energy production to a circular economy.


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4. May 4. May
Dominik Enste Event 4. May 2022

XI. Scientific Conference: The „Great Transformation”: New Rules of the Game?

Already before the Ukrainian War, Transformation seems to be everywhere. Almost 50 times it has been mentioned in the New „Ampel” Coalition Treaty of November 2021.


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31. Mar 31. Mar
Sandra Parthie Event 31. March 2022

Zukunftsweisend oder wettbewerbsbehindernd?: Das neue EU-Lieferkettengesetz unter der Lupe

Am 23. Februar 2022 hat die Europäische Kommission ihren lang erwarteten Entwurf für eine Richtlinie über die Sorgfaltspflichten von Unternehmen im Bereich der Nachhaltigkeit, weitläufig bekannt als EU-Lieferkettengesetz, vorgestellt, der darauf abzielt, den Grundstein für ein nachhaltiges und verantwortungsvolles unternehmerisches Verhalten in allen globalen Wertschöpfungsketten zu legen.


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