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Information on the Institute’s upcoming events and documentations of past events.

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16. Sep 16. Sep
Thorsten Kroke Event 16. September 2021

ECLASS Congress: International conference on open data standards

On September 16, 2021, data managers, leaders, innovators and successful practitioners from industry, trade and engineering meet at the first virtual ECLASS CONGRESS.


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23. Jun 23. Jun
Sandra Parthie Event 23. June 2021

livestream debate (via Zoom): Corporate finance – How to steer the transformation after the Covid crisis?

While the precise impact varies from sector to sector, the Coronavirus generally has left a strong mark on the European economy. A broad policy response has alleviated the repercussions on European SMEs and corporates, albeit to a limited extent. Importantly, policymakers have already phased out some temporary support measures and will likely continue to do so in the near to medium term.


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8. Jun 8. Jun
Sandra Parthie Event 8. June 2021

Online Event: Tackling supply chain management – the EU Due Diligence & Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives

Moving beyond voluntary measures, the laws would require companies to scrutinize their own social and environmental impact all over the world, and to identify, prevent and remedy any harm to human rights or the environment their operations may cause.


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19. May 19. May
Sandra Parthie Event 19. May 2021

Online Panel Discussion: Fiscal Policy after Corona: Debt Crisis or Stability?P

The Corona crisis has exacerbated existing structural problems in the Member States and caused a steep rise of national debt. While the reference value of national debt limit was once fixed at 60% of the GDP, it has now risen far beyond in some member states.


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21. Apr 21. Apr
Sandra Parthie Event 21. April 2021

Online-Roundtable: WTO Reform: New Leadership, New Hope?

The need for reform within the WTO goes without saying. From criticism concerning its undemocratic decision making and de facto suspension of the dispute settlement procedure to its inability to deal with imbalances stemming from state subsidies or market access – there are many things that need fixing.


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11. Mar 11. Mar
Roland Kube Event 11. March 2021

Beyond the Pandemic: How Can Countries Pave the Way for a Global Green Recovery?

As governments across the world continue to face the challenge of tackling Covid-19, the current crisis also presents an unprecedented opportunity to reboot global economies in a manner that builds more sustainable, inclusive and resilient societies, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.


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10. Feb 10. Feb
Sandra Parthie Event 10. February 2021

Online Event: Taxing the Digital Economy: Opportunities and Consequences

Digital companies such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, whose business model does not require any physical presence in a certain location, benefit from an optimum use of tax loopholes and national tax advantages and pay minimal taxes on their enormous sales. Their contribution to community funding is therefore extremely low.


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3. Dec 3. Dec
Sandra Parthie Event 3. December 2020

Market Economy vs. State-Controlled Competition: How do we Ensure Sustainable Growth and Innovation?

The German Economic Institute (IW) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation have the pleasure of inviting you to their second edition of the debate series "China and the European Union: Partners or Rrivals - distrust or confidence?" on the topic: "Market economy vs. state-controlled competition - How do we ensure sustainable growth and innovation?"


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20. Nov 20. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 20. November 2020

Livestream-Event: Fighting Climate Change by Scaling up Sustainable Finance

The fight against climate change remains one of the top priorities for the European Commission with the publication of the Sustainable Finance Strategy announced for the end of this year. The financial sector and the promotional banks are playing a crucial role in the transition process towards a more sustainable economy and society.


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18. Nov 18. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 18. November 2020

Green Finance for the Green Deal: Orchestrating a Multi-Trillion Euro Game

The European Green Deal aims to make the EU the global champion in low-carbon industries. Business expectations are high, yet public and private investments of several hundred billion Euros are required annually to finance the transformation.


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