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The German Economic Institute (IW) is a private economic research institute in Germany, which is an advocate of a liberal economic and social order. We work to improve understanding of how business and society function and interact.

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IW Director Michael Hüther and his team conduct research on the pressing issues of our time. This includes the issues surrounding the future shape of eurozone governance, as well as the implications of digitalization and structural change in the economy.

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Who we are

Members of the committees and research staff of the German Economic Institute.

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Permanent projects of the German Economic Institute.

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The German Economic Institute participates in a number of national and international networks.

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The German Economic Institute has five subsidiaries.

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Information on the Institute’s upcoming events and documentations of past events.

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German Economic Institute

Our world is changing rapidly. Globalization, population development, European integration, financial market regulation and digitization are examples of economic and social change. Knowledge is the most valuable raw material for the positive development of our society, for economic dynamism and greater prosperity. Developing and communicating economic knowledge and thereby initiating change - these are the tasks that the Institute of the German Economic Institute (IW) undertakes with the clear aim of making our economy fit for the future. We advocate free enterprise, competition and open markets. Our studies, projects and recommendations for action show perspectives for our economy and our society. This makes the IW a much respected voice in the public discourse and a sought-after contact. Our findings and positions are used and discussed in politics, business, academia and the media. We see ourselves as a scientific service provider. Strategies for successful economic, entrepreneurial and political action need a sound scientific basis. Creating this is the core task of IW scientists. By conducting surveys and polls among companies, associations and scientists, we are constantly gaining new empirically based insights. We make the results of our work available to all interested parties through our print and online publications.

Highly qualified staff, innovative working methods and lean organizational structures enable us to take a differentiated look at the various subject areas and keep pace with changes. The cooperation of our scientific teams sets standards, because we are convinced that only those who conduct interdisciplinary research and constantly update their knowledge of markets, social structures and economic conditions can think boldly ahead and develop promising strategies. Ministries, commissions, and parliamentary and state committees value our scientists as advisors and experts. Our experts teach at universities and universities of applied sciences, publish in the institute's own and external specialist publications and are in demand in the media as interview partners and commentators.

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Mission Statement

Who we are

  • The Institute of the German Economy is the private economic research institute in Germany. The Institute and its subsidiaries form a network of research, consulting and communication.
  • We are an advocate of the social market economy and are committed to a free economic and social order.
  • We improve the understanding of economic and social interrelationships in politics and among the general public. In this way, we contribute to sustainable growth and thus to lasting prosperity.

What is important to us

  • Credibility, reliability and appreciation characterize our actions - both internally and externally. We foster a culture of trust and tolerance and deal constructively with criticism.
  • Our culture demands performance and promotes professional and personal development. We act on our own initiative and responsibility.
  • We create an environment in which we enjoy working. The compatibility of family and career is particularly important to us.

How we work

  • We are in constant exchange with science, business and politics - nationally and internationally. Our studies, projects and recommendations for action are methodologically and empirically sound, socially relevant and up-to-date. Our consulting and communication services are customer-oriented, creative and tailored to the target group.
  • We continuously develop our competencies and know-how and convince with innovative solutions. We take advantage of the opportunities arising from digitalization.
  • We communicate in a direct way. Our processes are transparent, our decisions unambiguous.
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Organizational Chart

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The German Economic Institute is a registered association with a membership consisting of some 110 German business and employers' associations as well as a number of individual companies. Membership fees totalling approximately 12 million euros annually finance our regular scientific research and journalism. Additionally, collaborating particularly with other business associations, foundations and public institutions, we conduct research projects and carry out numerous studies financed by third parties.

Through their representation on its governing bodies members affect the general policy of the institute without influencing the content of individual studies or statements. Our research is based on empirical principles and sound scientific methodology. It is independent of individual interests and represents free enterprise in German business for the benefit of society as a whole.

The Institute and its members are united by an awareness that without its socially responsible free market economy our country would not have been able to achieve the prosperity for which it has so successfully striven over the last few decades. Looking to the future, it is equally important that we do nothing to restrict the economic strength of our country, our enterprises and our workforce, our small businesses and the self-employed, but do all in our power to enhance it. For only then can we achieve the level of innovation and economic success which is the basis of a better standard of living. We believe in the power of freedom and responsibility.

And that is why we at the German Economic Institute strive – from conviction and with full commitment – to advance the spirit of free enterprise.

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