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Andreas Fischer

Andreas Fischer


Tel: +49 221 4981-402
  • Joined the German Economic Institute in 2019
  • Born 1989 in Leverkusen
  • Studied economics at the University of Cologne

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Conceptualisation of the potential Renewables-Pull-Effect
External Publication 21. July 2021

Conceptualisation of the potential Renewables-Pull-Effect

Sascha Samadi / Stefan Lechtenböhmer / Peter Viebahn / Andreas Fischer

This report was prepared by the Wuppertal Institute in cooperation with the German Economic Institute as part of the SCI4climate.NRW project. The report aims to shed light on the possible phenomenon that the availability and costs of "green" energy sources may become a relevant location factor for basic materials produced in a climate-neutral manner in the future.


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