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Sandra Parthie

Sandra Parthie

Head of Brussels Liaison Office

Tel: +49 +32 2 5138456
  • Joined the German Economic Institute in 2015
  • Studied Politics and Economics at the Universities of Berlin and Montréal, Canada

IW Publications

Bardt, Hubertus / Parthie, Sandra / Rusche, Christian, 2022, Europäische Wettbewerbsfähigkeit. Potenziale nutzen, um nachhaltig zu wachsen, IW-Report, Nr. 12, Köln / Brüssel
Zur Studie

(in cooperation with Wolfgang Eichert, Karl Thies)
„Fixing the roof while the sun is shining”
IW-Kurzbericht 81/2018

(in cooperation with Wolfgang Eichert)
German elections and what to expect for the European agenda
IW-Kurzbericht 68/2017

More from Sandra Parthie

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15. Jun 15. Jun
Sandra Parthie Event 15. June 2022

Panel discussion: Basel implementation in challenging times – How to find the right balance?

There are plenty of challenges ahead of us, the transition to a digital and sustainable economy, dealing with the impacts of the pandemic and a staggering inflation. Also the ussian aggression against Ukraine has made a recalibration of our political and economic priorities necessary.


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31. Mar 31. Mar
Sandra Parthie Event 31. March 2022

Zukunftsweisend oder wettbewerbsbehindernd?: Das neue EU-Lieferkettengesetz unter der Lupe

Am 23. Februar 2022 hat die Europäische Kommission ihren lang erwarteten Entwurf für eine Richtlinie über die Sorgfaltspflichten von Unternehmen im Bereich der Nachhaltigkeit, weitläufig bekannt als EU-Lieferkettengesetz, vorgestellt, der darauf abzielt, den Grundstein für ein nachhaltiges und verantwortungsvolles unternehmerisches Verhalten in allen globalen Wertschöpfungsketten zu legen.


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Exploiting potential for sustainable growth
IW-Report No. 12 25. March 2022

European competitiveness: Exploiting potential for sustainable growth

Hubertus Bardt / Sandra Parthie / Christian Rusche

The EU's position as a major global economic power is increasingly under threat. On the one hand, this is a consequence of the crises that the EU has faced in the last two decades. In particular, these include the global financial crisis (2007-2009), the euro crisis (2010-2012), the refugee crisis (2015-2016), Brexit (2016-2020), the Corona pandemic since 2020 and the war in Ukraine from 2022.


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Protectionism is a dead-end street for Europe, climate neutrality is the key
Sandra Parthie at EURACTIV EURACTIV 9. February 2022

Protectionism is a dead-end street for Europe, climate neutrality is the key

Disruption, transition, transformation, structural change – Europeans today face several megatrends – climate change and the need to decarbonise our economies; digitalisation and the need to re-think workplace organisation; de-globalisation and the need to remain economically relevant, writes Sandra Parthie, Head of the IW Brussels Office.


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24. Jan 24. Jan
Sandra Parthie Event 24. January 2022

Livestream debate: Rising inflation – is it here to stay?

The recent surge in inflation has sparked a sometimes polarizing debate among central bankers, analysts, policymakers and the wider public. In July 2021, the ECB changed its inflation objective to a symmetric 2% target over the medium term. But euro area inflation has surged to 5% in December.


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10. Nov 10. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 10. November 2021

EU’s Economy after Corona: How can recovery and structural change succeed?

With „NextGenerationEU”, the EU provides comprehensive grants and loans for public investments and reforms in its Member States. At least 37% of the overall amount should be spend on forward-looking investments and structural reforms in favour of climate protection, while 20% shall go towards the digital transformation. The Member States have submitted their national recovery plans, and the first funds have been disbursed. It is the biggest EU economic stimulus package ever. The challenge now lies in the execution.


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23. Jun 23. Jun
Sandra Parthie Event 23. June 2021

livestream debate (via Zoom): Corporate finance – How to steer the transformation after the Covid crisis?

While the precise impact varies from sector to sector, the Coronavirus generally has left a strong mark on the European economy. A broad policy response has alleviated the repercussions on European SMEs and corporates, albeit to a limited extent. Importantly, policymakers have already phased out some temporary support measures and will likely continue to do so in the near to medium term.


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8. Jun 8. Jun
Sandra Parthie Event 8. June 2021

Online Event: Tackling supply chain management – the EU Due Diligence & Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives

Moving beyond voluntary measures, the laws would require companies to scrutinize their own social and environmental impact all over the world, and to identify, prevent and remedy any harm to human rights or the environment their operations may cause.


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19. May 19. May
Sandra Parthie Event 19. May 2021

Online Panel Discussion: Fiscal Policy after Corona: Debt Crisis or Stability?

The Corona crisis has exacerbated existing structural problems in the Member States and caused a steep rise of national debt. While the reference value of national debt limit was once fixed at 60% of the GDP, it has now risen far beyond in some member states.


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21. Apr 21. Apr
Sandra Parthie Event 21. April 2021

Online-Roundtable: WTO Reform: New Leadership, New Hope?

The need for reform within the WTO goes without saying. From criticism concerning its undemocratic decision making and de facto suspension of the dispute settlement procedure to its inability to deal with imbalances stemming from state subsidies or market access – there are many things that need fixing.


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