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Lena Suling

Lena Suling

Economic Research Consultant of the IW Akademie

Tel: +49 221 4981-816
  • Joined the German Economic Institute in 2018
  • Studied Business Administration at the University Duisburg-Essen

IW Publications

Suling, Lena / Wildner, Julia, 2024, Führung in der Transformation. Megatrends und Management als Motor des Wandels, IW-Report, Nr. 19, Köln
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More from Lena Suling

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Megatrends and management as a driver of change
IW-Report No. 19 10. April 2024

Leadership in transformation: Megatrends and management as a driver of change

Lena Suling / Julia Wildner

Leadership dynamics in companies are subject to constant change in order to meet the challenges of their time. Today, the greatest influences result from developments such as demographic change, globalization, individualization, structural change and technologization in the economy.


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Causes and Consequences of Trust at the Individual Level
IW-Report No. 51 16. October 2020

Causes and consequences of trust at the individual level

Dominik Enste / Lena Suling / Inga Schwarz

Generalized trust in other people is especially important in times of crisis. If there is a lack of trust, more control and sanctions are necessary, which result in transaction costs. In addition, all people suffer from control measures, even if only a few show wrongdoings.


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The Importance of Locus of Control for HR Policy
IW-Analyse No. 135 13. February 2020

The importance of locus of control for HR policy

Dominik H. Enste / Louisa Marie Kürten / Lena Suling / Anja Katrin Orth

Current developments at the workplace, such as digitalization, the demographic transition or the shift from a focus on shareholder value to a stakeholder approach, are bringing about rapid change.


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