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Lena Suling

Lena Suling

Economic Research Consultant of the IW Akademie

Tel: +49 221 4981-816
  • Joined the German Economic Institute in 2018
  • Studied Business Administration at the University Duisburg-Essen

More from Lena Suling

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Causes and Consequences of Trust at the Individual Level
IW-Report No. 51 16. October 2020

Causes and consequences of trust at the individual level

Dominik Enste / Lena Suling / Inga Schwarz

Generalized trust in other people is especially important in times of crisis. If there is a lack of trust, more control and sanctions are necessary, which result in transaction costs. In addition, all people suffer from control measures, even if only a few show wrongdoings.


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The Importance of Locus of Control for HR Policy
IW-Analyse No. 135 13. February 2020

The importance of locus of control for HR policy

Dominik H. Enste / Louisa Marie Kürten / Lena Suling / Anja Katrin Orth

Current developments at the workplace, such as digitalization, the demographic transition or the shift from a focus on shareholder value to a stakeholder approach, are bringing about rapid change.


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