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Branch Office in Berlin

The capital office of the German Economic Institute ensures constant contact with political Berlin.

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The Berlin Office of the German Economic Institute (IW) conducts research, publishes articles and debates economic, educational and social policy issues. It also provides a permanent link between the Cologne Institute and policymakers in the federal capital. A total of twelve staff serve as contacts for politicians, representatives of trade and industry and journalists and articulate the positions of the IW, particularly on economic policy issues. At least twice a year our Berlin Office stages the ‘Berlin Talks’, an event aimed primarily at members of parliament and the staff of the federal ministries, parliamentary parties, the Berlin offices of the regional governments, and employers’ and business associations as well as foundations. There are also smaller scale meetings and events arranged in co-operation with our partner organisations at home and abroad. Last but not least, JUNIOR, an IW subsidiary which offers school students the chance to set up their own mini-companies, takes advantage of our Berlin Office’s proximity to provide assistance to school projects in the eastern part of the country.

Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln
Branch Office in Berlin
Georgenstraße 22
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 27877-0
Fax: +49 30 27877-150

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Knut Bergmann

Dr. Knut Bergmann

Head of Communication and the Branch Office in Berlin

Tel: +49 30 27877-110 Knut Bergmann @knut_bergmann
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