Digitalisation not only places new demands on training content, but also offers new learning opportunities that an increasing number of companies are exploiting. More than 90 per cent of firms offering further training used at least one digital learning medium in 2019, compared to only 84 per cent in 2016. The more widespread use of digital media before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic is likely to have contributed significantly to the fact that further training activity held up relatively well during the lockdown.

The dominant reason given for using digital learning materials and services in 2019 is that they can be easily integrated into everyday working life. Lack of time is the biggest obstacle to the provision of further training and digital learning media are seen as making better use of this scarce resource. However, they can also help to overcome financial constraints, with 50 per cent of companies surveyed using digital training resources on the grounds that they are more cost-effective than conventional formats. In addition, many companies find it easier to assess and select digital training media than their traditional counterparts. If the didactic potential of digital media is to be exploited more fully, it will be vital to further enhance the media competence of firms’ in-company trainers.