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Thomas Puls Interactive Graphic 2. June 2017

Carbon emissions: A climate balance at a glance

The worldwide rise in temperatures can only be limited if China and other Asian countries also reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. An interactive chart by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research shows the continent’s growing significance for international climate policy.

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CO2 Regulation of Road Transport in Europe
Thomas Puls Expertise 30. November 2023

Compendium 5.4: CO2 Regulation of Road Transport in Europe

With the Compendium CO2 Regulation in Europe, the IW has been providing the interested public with a comprehensive collection of data on the development of CO2 emissions from passenger car traffic in the European Union, as well as on the applicable regulatory ...


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Adriana Neligan / Carmen Schleicher / Barbara Engels / Thorsten Kroke IW-Report No. 47 27. September 2023

Digital Product Passport – Enabler of the Circular Economy

In a circular economy, a new understanding of economic activity and an alternative approach to raw materials are required. Resources should be used for as long as possible in order to reduce both the material and energy consumption as well as the waste and ...


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