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Christoph Schröder Interactive Graphic 12. April 2017

Export performance: Unit labour costs shape international trade

Even Germany, as an export nation, has to compete for shares on its sales markets. The cost for businesses to manufacture goods plays a vital role in this process. This interactive graphic reveals the following: when unit labour costs increase in comparison to the competition, export performance generally declines.

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Hergestellt in China. Kartons mit Text aus China und chinesischer Flagge auf dem Rollenband.
Jürgen Matthes / Edgar Schmitz IW-Report No. 30 11. June 2024

Competitive pressure from China for German companies

A firm survey conducted in March/April 2024 as part of the IW-Zukunftspanel among around 900 German companies from the manufacturing and industrial services sectors shows that around 350 of the companies surveyed have Chinese competitors in their markets.


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Jürgen Matthes IW-Policy Paper No. 3 4. June 2024

Strategic autonomy and economic security achieve efficiently

In this study an analytical scheme is developed to operationalise the objective of strategic autonomy in a cost-effective way.


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