The Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln JUNIOR gGmbH gives school students practical insights into the world of commerce based on the concept of ”learning by doing”.

IW JUNIOR gGmbH / JA Germany, a non-profit limited company

As a subsidiary of the German Economic Institute (IW), IW JUNIOR provides and promotes highly effective economic and financial education. Under the motto "learning by doing" we familiarise students with the various aspects of economics and finance in a practical and hands-on way. Our young participants experience the many different facets of the business world and the world of work and acquire such abilities as working in a team, taking responsibility for themselves and working independently. Experts from the business world give the students an insight into how commerce works in practice and familiarise them with the professions of the future.

IW JUNIOR unites under one roof two wide-ranging divisions: JUNIOR Student Company Programmes and SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT & finanzielle Bildung (School-Business & Financial Education).

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Dominic Sickelmann

Managing Director of IW JUNIOR

Tel+49 221 4981-706

Dr. Kerstin Vorberg

Managing Director of IW JUNIOR

Tel+49 221 4981 690