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Zukunft der Arbeit – Roman Herzog Institut

„Future of Work“ is the focus of the institute. It seeks new answers to the essential questions in an interdisciplinary discourse.

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"The Future of Work" is the central theme of the Roman Herzog Institute (RHI). The aim of the institute, named after the former German president, is to find new answers to the essential questions of our time - for example, demographic change, globalization and structural change - in an interdisciplinary discourse between economists, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers and theologians.

The RHI bundles these research results and uses a variety of ways, including cross-media, to communicate them in a generally understandable way. The Bavarian Business Association and the employers' associations of the Bavarian metal and electrical industry finance the institute. The IW is a cooperation partner of the RHI and supports its work with its own scientific expertise, including studies on the topics of "Ethics in the Market Economy," "Tomorrow's Society" and "Tomorrow's Companies."

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Dominik H. Enste

Prof. Dr. Dominik H. Enste

Head of Behavioral Economics and Business Ethics Research Unit

Tel: +49 221 4981-730 Dominik H. Enste @DominikEnste
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