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The nationwide JUNIOR programmes offer pupils the opportunity to set up their own school enterprise for one year. Read more about the offers.

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The young people experience the various facets of the world of business and work, acquiring key qualifications such as the ability to work in a team, personal responsibility and independence. Contact with experts from the business world broadens their horizons of experience and equips them for later career decisions.

The JUNIOR programs offer students throughout Germany the opportunity to set up their own student company for one school year. In this way, participants learn about the opportunities and risks of being an entrepreneur. IW JUNIOR provides information materials, supervises participants, organizes competitions and arranges contacts with companies and schools throughout Europe. JUNIOR expert is aimed at students in 9th grade and above. JUNIOR advanced offers younger students from the 7th grade an introduction to the world of business. With JUNIOR basic, it is possible to set up a student company as early as grade 5. JUNIOR primo is the offer for elementary school students.

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Kerstin Vorberg

Dr. Kerstin Vorberg

Managing Director of IW JUNIOR

Tel: +49 221 4981 690 Kerstin Vorberg
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