JUNIOR Programme

Schoolchildren experiencing the business world for themselves – that's the idea behind JUNIOR. And they do it by founding their own mini-company for a year.


JUNIOR’s nationwide programmes offer school students the possibility to found a business of their own. The aims of the programmes are: career guidance, improving the competences teenagers will need in vocati onal training, enhancing their employment prospects, teaching them business knowledge and insti lling key skills. The students learn together, trying out the basic principles of entrepreneurship and acquiring the business acumen and core social skills which they will need in their future careers.

Longitudinal studies have shown that parti cipati on in JUNIOR programmes improves school students’ long-term prospects. Additi onally, the programmes enhance schools’ profi les and assist teachers in devising lively lessons. JUNIOR programmes thus form an ideal bridge between schools and local business.

With JUNIOR primo, JUNIOR basic, JUNIOR advanced and JUNIOR expert IW JUNIOR currently off ers four programmes of varying complexity aimed at diff erent age groups.

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Marion Hüchtermann

Marion Hüchtermann

Managing Director of IW JUNIOR

Tel+49 221 4981-722