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Taking its name from the German abbreviation for „Literacy for the Workplace and Basic Education for Adults“, the aim of the project AlphaGrund is to further the basic education of the low-skilled.

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The project participants are working with companies to develop specific training programs so that employees with inadequate basic education can acquire the necessary skills in areas such as reading, writing and arithmetic. Since the requirements in many fields of activity are continuously increasing, sufficient basic education is one of the prerequisites for the employability and further qualification of low-skilled employees.

The training offered by the Bildungswerke der Wirtschaft is tailored to the requirements of the respective company and industry. Important addressees of AlphaGrund are personnel managers in companies that employ low-skilled workers. Those involved in the AlphaGrund project also develop concepts for training and consulting for personnel managers in order to sensitize them to the issue. Measures for job-related basic education are developed together with the companies.

Another goal of AlphaGrund is to initiate a network with educational organizations in the business community and other educational providers that promote basic education for adults in the workplace. The education providers networked in this way are to inform companies and affected employees about what is on offer and provide appropriate basic education training. In addition, the IW is surveying companies and determining which continuing education programs for the low-skilled already exist and under what conditions they can succeed.

The IW has already been active as a partner in three completed priorities funded by the Ministry of Education ands Research (2008-2011 in the project Developing Opportunities and 2012-2015 in the project AlphaGrund I and 2015-2019 in the project AlphaGrund II).

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The project AlphaGrund qualifies is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the AlphaDekade 2016-2026 under the funding code W146400.


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