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Optimize operations, ensure quality, attract skilled workers: Work-oriented basic training (AoG) is worthwhile, especially in view of demographic change and the need for skilled workers. It helps to utilize the professional potential of semi-skilled and unskilled workers.

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The project "AlphaGrund vernetzt - Arbeitsorientierte Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung Erwachsener" (AlphaGrund Networks - Work-oriented Literacy and Basic Education for Adults) develops individual and custom-fit training courses for employees who need basic education. The aim is to anchor basic education training more firmly in company personnel development. This process can be supported by networking with the company's social partners (e.g. HR managers, works council, employee representatives) so that the topic can be promoted jointly within the company. This can lead to greater acceptance of the topic within the company and among employees.

Basic education offers

The training courses help those affected, for example, to better understand safety instructions, protocols and documentation. They also learn to communicate better within the team, to look after customers more confidently and to develop social and personal skills. In addition to teamwork, these include the ability to solve problems and deal constructively with change.

The basic training courses are tailored to the respective industry, company, workplace and special conditions. The result is customized training with added value for employees and the company.

Information and networking

AlphaGrund also offers information and support on the topic for decision-makers: To this end, executives, HR managers and representatives of employers' and industry associations as well as co-determination bodies are informed about the topic and sensitized to it. The networking of relevant actors specifically brings the topic of AoG into focus within the company.

The AlphaGrund vernetzt project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the AlphaDekade 2016-2026 under the funding code W1512AOG. Project duration 03.2022 to 01.2025.


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