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Micro data and distribution

The Research Unit Microdata and Distribution bundles knowledge for microdata analysis and helps with data-related and methodological questions within the IW. The focus of the cooperation cluster's work is the analysis of personal and household survey data. For this purpose, representative secondary data such as the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) are used, but also own online surveys are developed and implemented.

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Judith Niehues

Dr. Judith Niehues

Head of Micro Data and Distribution Research Unit

Tel: +49 221 4981-768
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A Macroeconomic Analysis of Wage-Price Spirals
IW-Analyse No. 155 9. January 2024

A Macroeconomic Analysis of Wage-Price Spirals

Thomas Obst / Maximilian Stockhausen

The subject of this Analysis is the forms that wage-price spirals can take and how they influence macroeconomic stability and inflationary trends in Germany.


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Increasing pressure on the labor market
IW-Report No. 2 4. January 2024

Pharmaceutical industry: Increasing pressure on the labor market

Lydia Malin / Simon Schumacher

The shortage of skilled workers poses significant challenges for pharmaceutical companies in Germany and is expected to become increasingly problematic in the context of demographic changes. Concerning Germany's positioning in the international competition among innovative pharmaceutical locations, this shortage could become a hindrance.


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An Analysis of the Earnings of Employees Covered and Not Covered by Collective Agreements Based on the SOEP
IW-Trends No. 4 29. December 2023

Do Companies Bound by Collective Agreements Pay Better?

Helena Bach/Andrea Hammermann

When discussing the gradual erosion of collective bargaining coverage, reference is often made to the importance of collective agreements in securing high salaries for employees.


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Expenditures and Revenues in Germany’s Statutory Health Insurance
IW-Trends No. 4 17. December 2023

Expenditures and Revenues in Germany’s Statutory Health Insurance

Jochen Pimpertz

Almost annually recurring deficits in Germany’s statutory health insurance system have led to a steady rise in the contribution rate, a percentage of earned income.


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Global and European corporate tax reform concepts
IW-Report No. 60 30. November 2023

Global and European corporate tax reform concepts

Tobias Hentze / Samina Sultan

The harmonization of corporate taxation at an international level has been on the political agenda for many years. Both the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission have presented reform projects in this regard, which are now awaiting political implementation.


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