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Vera Demary im Liberal Europe Podcast Liberal Europe 8. April 2022

Data economy and data spaces

Data economy, data spaces, and economic and cybersecurity threats that arise from this kind of mass data collection are discussed by Ricardo Silvestre (Movimento Liberal Social) and IW-Head of Digitisation Research Vera Demary.

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Christian Rusche / Jeanne Mouton in European Journal of Law and Economics External Publication 15. November 2023

The anti‑steering provision of Article 5 (4) of the DMA: a law and economics assessment on the business model of gatekeepers and business users

Data is a success factor for digital platforms and the core of their business model. The rationale behind this is that data allows for improving the matching process between users which creates value for the platform.


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Jeanne Mouton / Christian Rusche in Competition Policy International External Publication 27. October 2023

To share or not to share: Regulating Data Brokers

Data has become an increasingly important input in the economy. Hence, data and access to data play an increasingly key role in the global economy and for innovation and are crucial for the competitiveness of companies and the EU economy.


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