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Judith Niehues Interactive Graphic 21. July 2014

Income: Biased inequality perceptions

Whereas US-Americans are not very concerned about their large income inequalities, Germans view considerably smaller differences much more critically. This is not surprising given that Europeans tend to be considerably more pessimistic about how equal their societies actually are.

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A Macroeconomic Analysis of Wage-Price Spirals
Thomas Obst / Maximilian Stockhausen IW-Analyse No. 155 9. January 2024

A Macroeconomic Analysis of Wage-Price Spirals

The subject of this Analysis is the forms that wage-price spirals can take and how they influence macroeconomic stability and inflationary trends in Germany.


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Maximilian Stockhausen IW-Report No. 58 18. November 2023

IW Distribution Report 2023: Attitudes towards social mobility

Fundamentally linked to the social market economy is the idea that everyone has the opportunity for social advancement, regardless of their social background, and that children should be better off than their parents.


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