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In Descent
Michael Grömling Press Release 19. September 2018

IW Economic Forecast: In Descent

The power struggle between the USA and China is also perceptible in these parts; exports are declining, companies invest less. The German Economic Institute thus adjusts its economic forecast downward.


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Markus Demary / Adriana Neligan Press Release 28. June 2018

Green Bonds: Clear criteria for a veritable market

The European Commission currently aims at boosting the green financial market by softening the capital requirements for green bonds. This could lead to a bubble, reports the German Economic Institute (IW) in a study. Instead of pushing for rapid growth, the EU ...


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Berthold Busch / Jürgen Matthes IW News 30. May 2018

European Union: New priorities for the EU

In the face of new inside and outside threats, intensive discussions are currently underway regarding the future of the European Union. The increasing pressure to reform should be used to substantially reorganize the EU budget. The recent proposals of the ...


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Between promotion and regulation
Markus Demary / Vera Demary IW News 8. March 2018

FinTech Strategy of the EU: Between promotion and regulation

With its Fintech Action Plan, the European Commission intends to promote new business models in the financial sector as well as new forms of business financing. The plan also includes the so-called Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), which could benefit above all ...


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Jork Herrmann iwd 10. May 2019

„Wir sind besser gewappnet, als es die USA waren“

Seit 2009 sitzt Petra Kammerevert für die SPD im Europäischen Parlament. Seit 2017 ist sie Vorsitzende des Ausschusses für Kultur und Bildung. Zudem ist sie Mitglied des WDR-Rundfunkrats und dort seit 2010 Chefin des Programmausschusses. Der iwd sprach mit ihr ...


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The Challenges of the EU
Alexander Weber iwd 25. January 2018

Eurobarometer: The Challenges of the EU

The European Union should provide for more jobs, eliminate inequalities, and solve problems relating to migration. These are the results of a survey conducted by Eurobarometer.


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Finn Wendland on EurActiv Contribution 28. September 2021

The EU taxonomy can strengthen SMEs in the green transition

Small and medium-sized companies will remain exempt from new disclosure rules on the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy starting in 2022. However corporate leaders would be well-advised to follow its implications, including SMEs, writes IW Climate Economist ...


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Michael Hüther, Director of the German Economic Institute
Michael Hüther at Markets Germany Interview 9. October 2020

Economic Outlook

What Germany's response to the corona crisis is and which direction the economy will take is answered by Michael Hüther, director of the German Economic Institute, in an interview with Markets Germany.


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