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Thorsten Kroke
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Thorsten Kroke


Tel: +49 221 4981-831

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Neligan, Adriana / Schleicher, Carmen / Engels, Barbara / Kroke, Thorsten, 2023, Digitaler Produktpass — Enabler der Circular Economy. Relevanz und Umsetzbarkeit durch Unternehmen, IW-Report, Nr. 47, Berlin / Köln
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Digital Product Passport – Enabler of the Circular Economy
IW-Report No. 47 27. September 2023

Digital Product Passport – Enabler of the Circular Economy

Adriana Neligan / Carmen Schleicher / Barbara Engels / Thorsten Kroke

In a circular economy, a new understanding of economic activity and an alternative approach to raw materials are required. Resources should be used for as long as possible in order to reduce both the material and energy consumption as well as the waste and emissions of an economic system to a minimum.


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16. Sep 16. Sep
Thorsten Kroke Event 16. September 2021

ECLASS Congress: International conference on open data standards

On September 16, 2021, data managers, leaders, innovators and successful practitioners from industry, trade and engineering meet at the first virtual ECLASS CONGRESS.


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