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Thomas Obst

Dr. Thomas Obst

Personal Research Assistant of the Director

Tel: +49 30 27877-135

  • Since 2019 at the IW
  • Born 1984 in Berlin
  • Studied of Arts with Honours in International Business at the University of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) and Anglia Ruskin University, Berlin und Cambridge, International Economics at the University of Economics and Law Berlin (HWR Berlin), Berlin and Economics at the University of Greenwich, London

IW Publications

Obst, Thomas / Schläger, Dan, 2021, Kosten-Nutzen Überlegungen zu Lockdowns – was übersehen wir?. Kosten-Nutzen Überlegungen zu Lockdowns, IW-Kurzbericht, Nr. 33, Berlin
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Hüther, Michael / Jung, Markos / Obst, Thomas, 2021, Chancen für Wachstum und Konsolidierung. Arbeitskräftepotenziale der deutschen Wirtschaft, IW-Policy Paper, Nr. 10, Köln
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External Publications

Obst, T., Onaran, O. and Nikolaidi, M. (2019): The effects of income distribution and fiscal policy on growth, investment and the budget balance: the case of Europe. Cambridge Journal of Economics, (in Veröffentlichung).

Onaran, O., Obst, T. (2016): Wage-led growth in the EU15 member-states. The effects of income distribution on growth, investment, trade balance and inflation. In: Cambridge Journal of Economics 40 (6), 1517–1551.

Stadtmann, G., Obst, T. (2017): Fiskalpolitik und Fiskalmultiplikator, Beitrag, in: Das Wirtschaftsstudium 46 (8-9), 979–983.


More from Dr. Thomas Obst

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Cost-benefit considerations of lockdowns – what are we missing?
IW-Kurzbericht No. 33 29. May 2021

Cost-benefit considerations of lockdowns – what are we missing?

Thomas Obst / Dan Schläger

A cross-country comparison shows similar behavioural adaptations of individuals despite different degrees of stringency of the respective lockdown in place. In Germany, during the first lockdown in spring 2020 mobility fell by 45 percent, while in Sweden it also decreased by 27 percent during the same period. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is crucial to better evaluate the efficacy of lockdowns and implied trade-offs.


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Opportunities for Growth and Consolidation
IW-Policy Paper No. 10 10. May 2021

Workforce potential of the German economy

Michael Hüther / Markos Jung / Thomas Obst

Germany’s labour market faces substantial challenges caused by demographic change in the next decade. Looking back over the last 10 years we observe a key role regarding of a successful labour market integration leading to higher employment rates and fostering economic growth.


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Investment, Human Capital and Growth Effects of Public Spending
IW-Policy Paper No. 2 3. February 2021

Investment, Human Capital and Growth Effects of Public Spending

Martin Beznoska / Björn Kauder / Thomas Obst

Unlike public sector consumption, public investment is often regarded as contributing to growth. Yet while spending on "intangible" goods such as education does not count as investment, even though it is potentially growth-enhancing, expenditure with little to no effect on growth often does.


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Debt Risks Along the Silk Road
External Publication 27. November 2020

The Chinese Nightmare: Debt Risks Along the Silk Road

Matthias Diermeier / Florian Güldner /Thomas Obst in In Brief

China has paid dearly for its geopolitical rise. The Corona crisis is the latest example of the risks involved with massive investment on the Silk Road. Not only are many countries caught in a Chinese debt trap, China itself needs a strategy for managing non-performing loans amid the crisis. Loan defaults on the Silk Road could jeopardise the Chinese mega-project.


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