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MLP Student Housing Report

In the Students' Road to 4.0 project, students and trainees are familiarized with the requirements of digital change in companies.

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The MLP Student Housing Report looks at the market for student housing. This primarily includes small apartments with less than 40 square meters of living space and simple or average furnishings, as well as those located near the university or technical college. In addition, the rent level and development of shared rooms are also presented separately. The analyzed data have been provided by Value AG (formerly Empirica Systeme) for two years. The analysis assumes that students do not get a place in a dormitory and have to look around on the open market - which is likely to be a frequent reality for most students who leave their hometown for their studies. In total, the analysis is conducted for 30 university locations.


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Michael Voigtländer

Prof. Dr. Michael Voigtländer

Head of International Economic Policy, Financial and Real Estate Markets Research Unit

Tel: +49 221 4981-741 Michael Voigtländer @mvoigtlaender
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