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Mareike Decker

Mareike Decker

Team leader REHADAT Assistive Technology

Tel: +49 221 4981-806
  • Responsible for the portals REHADAT-Assistive Products and REHADAT-ICF
  • Contact person for the international network EASTIN (Global Assistive Technology Information Network)
  • Since 2006 at the IW
  • Bachelor's degree in occupational therapy at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences
  • Master study Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Cologne

IW Publications

Decker, Mareike / Fulda, Carolin Denise / Lange, Maisun, 2023, Arbeiten mit Long COVID. Auswirkungen und Möglichkeiten der Arbeitsgestaltung, in: IW-Trends, 50. Jg., Nr. 4, S. 97-116
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More from Mareike Decker

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Impacts and Options for Work Arrangements
IW-Trends No. 4 24. November 2023

Working with Long COVID: Impacts and Options for Work Arrangements

Mareike Decker / Carolin Fulda / Maisun Lange

A SARS-CoV-2 infection can have long-term health consequences, a phenomenon commonly known as Long COVID, which often affect individuals of working age.


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With Rheumatoid Arthritis on the Job: Empirical Findings from Germany and Abroad
IW-Report No. 4 10. February 2021

With Rheumatoid Arthritis on the Job

Mareike Decker / Christiane Flüter-Hoffmann / Christina Knödler

More than half a million people in Germany are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This is an inflammatory-rheumatic disease that is chronic and usually affects the joints. Many of the persons affected are still in their working life.


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