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Haag, Maike / Kempermann, Hanno / Kohlisch, Enno / Koppel, Oliver, 2023, Innovationsatlas 2023. Die Innovationskraft der deutschen Regionen, IW-Analyse, Nr. 153, Köln
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Haag, Maike / Kohlisch, Enno / Koppel, Oliver, 2022, Innovation und Vielfalt. Migration verhindert Rückgang bei Patentanmeldungen, IW-Kurzbericht, Nr. 84, Köln
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More from Maike Haag

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The innovative strength of the German regions
IW-Analyse No. 153 2. June 2023

Innovation Atlas 2023: The innovative strength of the German regions

Maike Haag / Hanno Kempermann / Enno Kohlisch / Oliver Koppel

All indicators of innovative strength in Germany – from research intensity and scientific and technical employment structures to patent successes – point to a strong south-north, west-east and urban-rural divide.


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Migration prevents decline in patent activity
IW-Kurzbericht No. 88 25. October 2022

Innovation and diversity: Migration prevents decline in patent activity

Maike Haag / Enno Kohlisch / Oliver Koppel

Migration makes an indispensable contribution to Germany's innovative strength: a record 12.2 percent of all patent applications developed in this country are entirely attributable to inventors with foreign roots. Many German companies already show considerable diversity in this respect.


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