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Simon Gerards Iglesias

Dr. Simon Gerards Iglesias

Personal Research Assistant of the Director

Tel: +49 221 4981-603
  • Since 2022 at the IW
  • 2022: PhD at the University of Bremen with the dissertation: "Argentine Social Policy and the International Labor Organization (ILO), 1919-1943. Debates, Conflicts and Cooperation". First examiner: Prof. Dr. Delia González de Reufels (Univ. Bremen), Second examiner: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Stefan Rinke (FU Berlin).
  • 2019-2022: PhD student and research assistant at the Collaborative Research Center 1342: Global Dynamics of Social Policy and at the Chair of Latin American History at the University of Bremen
  • 2016-2019: Studied economic and social history at the Georg-August University of Göttingen. Title of Master's thesis: "Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Argentina. Economic, social and cultural determinants using the example of German immigrants"
  • 2017: Study abroad at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.
  • 2012-2016: Studied political economy (economics) at the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Research interests: Economic history, business history, globalization, global south, general topics of political economy.

IW Publications

Fremerey, Melinda / Gerards Iglesias, Simon, 2022, Abhängigkeit – Was bedeutet sie und wo besteht sie?, IW-Report, Nr. 56, Berlin / Köln
Zur Studie

Gerards Iglesias, Simon / Hüther, Michael, 2022, Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung durch Rückschritt – zu den Perspektiven der russischen Volkswirtschaft, IW-Report, Nr. 51, Köln
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External Publications

Gerards Iglesias, Simon, Inmigración y empresariado transnacional en Argentina a finales del siglo XIX. Los Weil y los Staudt, entre Alemania y Argentina". Cuadernos del Archivo VI/1, Nr. 10 (2022): 26-45.

Gerards Iglesias, Simon: Argentinische Sozialpolitik und die Internationale Arbeitsorganisation (ILO), 1919-1943. Debatten, Konflikte und Kooperationen. Dissertation, Universität Bremen, 2022.

Gerards Iglesias, Simon, Social Reforms and the Fear of Economic Backlash: Political Debates on Social Policy and Transnational Influences in Argentina in the 1930s, in: Nullmeier, Frank; González de Reufels, Delia; Obinger, Herbert, International Impacts on Social Policy. Short Histories in Global Perspective. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan (Global Dynamics of Social Policy), S. 345-358.

More from Dr. Simon Gerards Iglesias

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Dependence - What does it mean and where does it exist?
IW-Report No. 56 3. November 2022

Dependence - What does it mean and where does it exist?

Melinda Fremerey / Simon Gerards Iglesias

The concept of dependency has been at the center of most recent policy debates. The German economy's dependence on exports, Europe's military dependence on the USA and, not least, the Germans' dependence on Russian gas - dependencies seem omnipresent and at the same time hardly solvable.


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Economic development through regression - on the prospects for the Russian economy
IW-Report No. 51 11. October 2022

Economic development through regression - on the prospects for the Russian economy

Simon Gerards Iglesias / Michael Hüther

The war in Ukraine will have profound geopolitical and economic consequences for Russia. The West has imposed sanctions on Russia on an unprecedented scale, largely dissolving decades of economic interdependence.


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