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Green Economy

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Green Economy is a new model of economic development. Its aim is to manage the economy in harmony with nature and the environment.

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Achieving this aim requires a complete modernization of the economy. While new green sectors are created, existing branches of industry are ‘greened’, a process which includes changes in how we deal with resources and emissions. For example, product design and production processes must be adjusted to ensure that there is less waste and lower consumption of raw materials.

Sarah Fluchs

Dr. Sarah Fluchs

Economist for Environment, Circular Economy and Sustainability

Tel+49 221 4981-838

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Adriana Neligan

Dr. Adriana Neligan

Senior Economist for Green Economy and Resource Economics

Tel+49 30 27877-128


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Finn Arnd Wendland

Consultant for energy and climate policy

Tel+49 221 4981-798

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