In 2010, 83.2 per cent of companies in Germany offered further training. After the crisis-induced decline of 2008 the level of 2007 has thus been regained. Indeed, those companies which actively provide further training are actually offering more than three years ago. The number of hours of formal further training in the form of courses of instruction has risen by more than a third relative to 2007. In addition, some 10 per cent more attendances were recorded. All together, companies in Germany invested 28.6 billion euro in further training in 2010. This was 6.4 per cent more than in 2007 in nominal terms and represents an annual investment of 1,035.00 euro per employee. The direct costs of further training measures, such as attendance fees, have fallen. Indirect costs have remained approximately the same despite a significant increase in the numbers of hours involved. Great efficiency was possible because a higher proportion took place outside working hours. This increased commitment to further training on the part of both employees and companies highlights the considerable importance attached to further training when there are existing or looming bottlenecks in the supply of skilled workers.

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