Every second employee in this country frequently experiences severe deadline and performance pressure. How networked an employee is plays a not insignificant role in this. 59.3 per cent of employees at internet-based workplaces most frequently deal with severe deadline and performance pressure. The present analysis, based on the BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey, nevertheless shows that employees at (digitally) networked workplaces do not feel more frequently burdened by high levels of deadline and performance pressure than at other workplaces. Overall, some 95 per cent are (very) satisfied with their work, provided that they can plan their work themselves. Together with the support of their superiors or colleagues and appreciation of the work they do, workplace autonomy is an important resource which can help employees to cope with the diverse psychological demands of their job. The present study highlights two important points: Firstly, employees perceive the various demands their work places on them very differently and do not necessarily experience them as a burden per se. Secondly, employees at digitized workplaces using the Internet professionally have access to an extensive range of supportive resources. Only 4 per cent of all employees in Germany at an Internet-based networked workplace manifest signs of an increased risk of stress due to high levels of deadline and performance pressure combined with a lack of autonomy. While survey results allow of no firm conclusions as to whether there is a need for remedial action from an occupational health and safety point of view, they point to issues which companies’ personnel management can usefully address. An effective and efficient HR policy should always bear in mind how the workforce experience and assess their working conditions.