The IW-Trends are published quarterly in printed form. The scientific articles are both empirical and application-oriented and are available for free download in advance.

Editors evaluate submitted manuscripts exclusively based on academic merit and relevance to the journal’s scope, without regard to the authors’ race, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, religious belief, or political philosophy. Neither government policies nor other entities outside the journal determine editing and publishing. The Editor has full authority over the editorial content of the journal.

Publication policy
The Editor is responsible for deciding which of the manuscripts submitted to the journal will be published, based on the validation of the work in question, its importance to researchers and readers and legal requirements. Editors and editorial board members will not use unpublished submitted manuscripts for their own research without the authors’ explicit written consent.

Manuscript quality
Articles should present an accurate account of the work and the results and an objective discussion of the significance of the work. The manuscript should contain sufficient detail and references to allow others to replicate the work. Articles should be accurate and objective, while opinion should be clearly identified as such. Authors must ensure that they have written and submitted only entirely original work and it must be visible if they have used the work of others. When authors discover significant errors in their work, it is their obligation to notify the journal’s editors. Authors should be prepared to make the data of their study publicly available if practicable.

Multiple submission
Authors should not submit a manuscript that has already been published in another primary journal. This does not cover working paper series and similar publications.

The publisher is committed to the availability of scholarly research. He ensures online access to the journal’s content and archive.

Review Process
One of two editors reviews submitted articles and decides upon publication. In addition, reviewed articles are re-reviewed by one of two executive directors and the institute’s director.

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