The aim of the compendium has always been to provide users with a broad overview of data on the complex of climate protection policy for passenger car traffic, which is becoming increasingly important in the public debate. To this end, many scattered data sets on European developments have been bundled into one format. Most of the data sources come from official EU and OECD statistics and have been supplemented by verified data sources, for example from the field of energy statistics. Over time, further aspects such as the development of pollutant emissions and immissions from road traffic or questions of freight transport have been added to the canon of the data set. As a result, a comprehensive collection of data on various aspects of transport and the environment was created.

With the present version 5.0 of the compendium, the contents and structure have been fundamentally revised. Instead of a single overall compendium, various individual chapters have been added. These can also be used separately, since in the case of thematic overlaps the corresponding data appear in several chapters. Within the framework of the new structure, sections have been formed on the following topics.

  • Powertrains and fuels: Data on various powertrain concepts used in passenger cars, from fossil fuels to electrified powertrains and electricity-based fuels.
  • CO2 emissions: The focus is on the development of emissions from road traffic and in particular from passenger car traffic in the European Union and Great Britain.
  • Germany: Deviating from the European focus of the compendium, national data and regulations are summarised here.
  • Electric cars: The focus is on the increasing number of new registrations of electric cars, as well as related issues such as raw material availability and the global distribution of battery cell production.
  • Vehicle fleet: This section summarises data on the existing fleet, such as its age structure.
  • Commercial vehicles: The focus is on freight transport issues. The range extends from European transport statistics and emissions data for heavy and light commercial vehicles to existing regulations for commercial vehicles.
  • Regulation: An overview of existing regulations within the European Union to control CO2 emissions from transport and presentation of approaches such as emissions trading systems, energy taxes or limit values for new vehicles.
  • Pollutants: An overview of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM10) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions in the EU. The second focus is a presentation of the corresponding immission situation.
  • Electricity, industry, households: An overview of emissions and energy consumption in other sectors.
  • Transport: Data on the development of transport volume and transport performance in the EU.