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Sarah Fluchs

Dr. Sarah Fluchs

Economist for Environment, Circular Economy and Sustainability

Tel: +49 221 4981-838
  • At the IW since 2021
  • Born in 1989 in Aachen
  • Studied economics and political science at the University of Maastricht, the Université de Montréal and the University of Cologne
  • Doctorate in economics at RWTH Aachen University

External Publications

Essays on the international market diffusion of electric vehicles : an assessment of government incentives. 2020. (Dissertation, RWTH Aachen).

The diffusion of electric mobility in the European Union and beyond. 2020. Fluchs, S. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. Vol 86. 1361-9209.

Government Incentives for EV Adoption: Classification of Existing Incentives and Assessment of Their Effectiveness. 2019. Fluchs, S. USAEE Working Paper No. 19-393.

Customer Journeys in der Elektromobilität. 2019. Kasperk, G., Fluchs, S. In: Mobilität in Zeiten der Veränderung, Proff, H. (Hrsg): Springer Gabler. 467 – 491.

Grundlagen. 2018. Kampker, A.; Schnettler, A.; Thomes, P.; Kasperk, G.; Brost, W.; Deutskens, C.; Kreisköther, K.; Fluchs, S.; Förstmann, R.; Nee, C.; Meckelnborg, A.; Drauz, R. 2018. In: Elektromobilität, Kampker A., Vallée D., Schnettler A. (Hrsg): Springer Vieweg, Berlin, Heidelberg.

The Influence of Government Incentives on Electric Vehicle Adoption: Cross-national Comparison. 2017. Fluchs, S.; Kasperk, G. MAGKS Discussion Paper Series in Economics.

Geschäftsmodelle entlang der elektromobilen Wertschöpfungskette. 2018. Kasperk G., Fluchs S., Drauz R.. In: Kampker A., Vallée D., Schnettler A. (Hrsg) Elektromobilität. Springer Vieweg, Berlin, Heidelberg.

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