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Julia Hensen

Julia Hensen


Tel: +49 221 4981-783
  • Since 2022 at the IW  
  • Competence Cluster Behavioral Economics and Business Ethics
  • Part-time Master's program at TH Köln "Behavioral Ethics, Economics and Psychology (M.A.)" in cooperation with IW Akademie
  • Dual bachelor's degree program in "Business Administration (B.A.)" at Provadis School of International Management & Technology, Frankfurt in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG

IW Publications

Enste, Dominik H. / Hensen, Julia / Potthoff, Jennifer, 2023, Hilft Nudging in der Krise?. Verhaltensökonomische Maßnahmen für freiheitswahrendes Energiesparen, IW-Policy Paper, Nr. 2, Köln
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More from Julia Hensen

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Behavioral economic measures for freedom-preserving energy conservation
IW-Policy Paper No. 2 20. February 2023

Does Nudging Help in the crisis?: Behavioral economic measures for freedom-preserving energy conservation

Dominik Enste / Julia Hensen / Jennifer Potthoff

In view of the impending gas shortage, private households are called upon to reduce their gas and energy consumption. The moral appeals of those in power harbor the danger that people will react with reactance instead of the desired change in behavior.


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