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Jan Marten Wendt

Jan Marten Wendt

Data Scientist

Tel: +49 221 4981-686
  • Since 2019 at the Institute of the German Economy Cologne e.V.
  • Master of Science in Business Informatics at Münster University of Applied Sciences.
  • Research and application focus: Machine Learning incl. Deep Learning, Time Series Prediction, Geoinformatics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), data generation, analysis, selection, cleaning, preparation, construction, formatting and visualization.

Research groups

Big Data Analytics

IW Publications

Puls, Thomas / Wendt, Jan Marten, 2022, Wie reagiert der Verkehr auf die hohen Spritpreise?. Eine Betrachtung der Entwicklungen des Jahres 2022 in Nordrhein-Westfalen, IW-Report, Nr. 41, Köln
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More from Jan Marten Wendt

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How is traffic reacting to high fuel prices?
IW-Report No. 41 23. August 2022

How is traffic reacting to high fuel prices?

Thomas Puls / Jan Wendt

In recent months, Germany has been confronted with a price shock for fuels. After years of low pump prices, there have been sudden price increases. In order to capture the effects of the price shock on mobility in North Rhine-Westphalia, various data sources are used as indicators in this report.


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An Application for the Bavarian
IW-Trends No. 3 9. September 2020

Road Haulage Data in Business Cycle Analysis: An Application for the Bavarian

Henry Goecke / Michael Grömling / Jan Marten Wendt

Economy Gross domestic product (GDP) figures for Germany’s 16 federal states are currently only published twice a year, with no quarterly figures available. This makes it impossible to pinpoint the exact timing of turning points in the economies of individual states.


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