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Florian Schuster

Florian Schuster

Consultant for building land survey 2020

  • Competence field: Financial and real estate markets
  • Since 2020 at the IW
  • Born 1993 in Siegen
  • Studied economics and mathematics in Cologne and at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Currently doctorate in the field of financial markets and monetary policy at the University of Cologne

IW Publications

Voigtländer, Michael / Schuster, Florian, 2019, European office markets, user costs and speculative bubbles, IW-Report, Nr. 31, Köln

Risius, Paula / Schuster, Florian / Voigtländer, Michael, 2018, Wohnen und Arbeiten in Deutschland, IW-Kurzbericht, Nr. 52, Köln

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