Labour and Personnel Economics

This research unit examines how employment is affected by technical progress, globalisation, digital and structural change and how the institutional framework determines the capacity of companies and employees to absorb external shocks.

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The researchers look both at individual companies and the economy as a whole and investigate qualitative and quantitative aspects of employment. They analyse and evaluate how the different actors in the labour market – companies, employees, managers and works councils, unions and employers’ associations, and legislators – react to changes in the economic environment. The work of the research unit extends from economic policy issues and empirical research to the practical implementation of detailed HR strategies.

Sections of the Research Unit

Employment and Unemployment

Our studies show how labour market regulations and external shocks may affect the level of both employment and unemployment. The researchers identify the key drivers that can contribute to increasing labour demand, boosting labour force participation, raising labour mobility and supporting the unemployed to return into employment. In addition, we regularly comment on the current state of employment and its forecast.

Working Conditions

Research in this area reveals how work organisation, skill requirements and the quality of jobs have been changing. In this respect the development of job satisfaction and its determinants is of particular interest to learn how employees evaluate working conditions in a changing environment.

Human Ressource Management Policies

Our research and consulting activities show how companies both have shaped and should adapt work to cope with an increasing need for flexibility while improving employer branding. In addition, establishments are advised and supported in designing and implementing HR concepts, policies and programmes.

Oliver Stettes

Dr. Oliver Stettes

Head of the Research Unit Labour and Personnel Economics

Tel+49 221 4981-697

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Christiane Flüter-Hoffmann

Christiane Flüter-Hoffmann

Senior Researcher for Human Resource Management Policies

Tel+49 221 4981-841

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Andrea Hammermann

Dr. Andrea Hammermann

Senior Economist for Working Conditions and Human Resource Management Policies

Tel+49 221 4981-314

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Holger Schäfer

Holger Schäfer

Senior Economist for Employment and Unemployment

Tel+49 30 27877-124


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Jörg Schmidt

Dr. Jörg Schmidt

Senior Economist for Working Conditions, Employment and Unemployment

Tel+49 30 27877-133

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