Microdata and Method Development

This research group brings together experts in microdata analysis from the Institute’s various research units to assist the latter in questions of methodology.

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Microdata are derived from polls and other statistical surveys which collect subjective and objective information on such entities as individuals, households and companies. Providing a representative picture of society as a whole, the data can be analysed both for practical applications and for advising policymakers. In addition to descriptive analyses of, for instance, income distribution, the education system and corporate structures, microdata can also be used to identify relationships between variables. The Institute’s researchers make use of microdata in the fields of employment, education, public budgets and distribution, demography, the financial and real estate markets, and energy.

Christina Anger

Dr. Christina Anger

Head of the Research Group Microdata and Method Development

Tel+49 221 4981-718


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Judith Niehues

Dr. Judith Niehues

Leiterin der Forschungsgruppe Mikrodaten und Methodenentwicklung

Tel+49 221 4981-768


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