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Data itself and, above all, its exchange, use and exploitation in the entrepreneurial context have enormous significance for shaping an economically successful future - for individual companies as well as the economy as a whole. Although the innovation potentials for coexistence and value-creating activities are enormous, data is still insufficiently used in Germany.

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The aim of the project "Incentives and Economics of Data Sharing" (IEDS) is to promote interdisciplinary research on the design of data sharing by companies. Incentive systems for data sharing will be derived and thus support the further development of the data economy. Technical and economic issues of data sharing will be analyzed, but legal aspects will also be taken into account. The perspective of companies - especially from industry and industry-related services - will be brought into focus in order to explain their reluctance to participate in data management and to be able to draw conclusions for further action to promote data sharing. In the project, the IW is surveying, among other things, the status quo of the German economy with regard to data management and the ability to participate in GAIA-X. The project is being carried out in a consortium with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMBF).

The project is being carried out in a consortium with the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST (consortium leader), the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and the Technical University of Dortmund. IW Consult is involved as a subcontractor. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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    Henry Goecke

    Dr. Henry Goecke

    Head of Big Data Analytics Research Unit

    Tel: +49 221 4981-770
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    Vera Demary

    Dr. Vera Demary

    Head of Digitalisation and Climate Action Research Unit

    Tel: +49 221 4981-749
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    Barbara Engels

    Barbara Engels

    Senior Economist for Sustainable Digitalisation

    Tel: +49 221 4981-703
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    Armin Mertens

    Dr. Armin Mertens

    Head of Big Data Analytics Research Unit

    Tel: +49 221 4981-747
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    Klaus-Heiner Röhl

    Dr. Klaus-Heiner Röhl

    Senior Economist for SME Policy and Regional Policy

    Tel: +49 30 27877-103
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