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Macroeconomics and the Business Cycle

The Macroeconomic Analysis and the Business Cycle Cluster focuses on short- to medium-term economic developments in the global economy as a whole and in Germany in particular. The 2008/2009 financial crisis, the Covid19 pandemic and current geopolitical conflicts clearly show that the business cycle is alive and well. Indeed, even modern economies can suffer violent ups and downs in production and employment, with boom and bust affecting different sectors and regions in very different ways. As a result of the Covid pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine, the spectre of inflation is also back in our daily lives. In addition, structural adjustments in the current decade are affecting employment, value added, incomes and prices.

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Michael Grömling

Prof. Dr. Michael Grömling

Head of Macroeconomic and the Business Cycle Research Unit

Tel: +49 221 4981-776
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21. Nov 21. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 21. November 2022

panel discussion: Challenging times for the US and EU - Where are the economic and monetary policies headed?

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine triggered massive price increases. But even before that, there were high inflation risks due to the Corona pandemic and creeping deglobalization. How should governments and central banks respond now?


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Biden’s economic agenda risks mid-term elections
IW-Report No. 59 8. November 2022

Biden’s economic agenda risks mid-term elections

Gero Kunath / Jürgen Matthes / Thomas Obst

President Joe Biden faces some political and economic headwinds in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections this year. Current economic challenges include historically high inflation rates and signs of an impending recession.


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7. Nov 7. Nov
Sandra Parthie Event 7. November 2022

Reinventing EU economic governance: What will become of the Stability and Growth Pact?

In the framework of the Spring 2022 European Semester package, the Commission announced the far-reaching decision to continue applying the general escape clause of the EU fiscal rules. This means that the deficit and debt rules can be ignored by the member states with the intention to provide financial support to businesses and citizens in times of crisis.


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Alliance-Building to Strengthen International Climate Cooperation
External Publication 4. November 2022

Perspectives on Designing a Climate Club: Alliance-Building to Strengthen International Climate Cooperation

Parul Kumar/ Heiner Von Lüpke / Marian Feist /Heather Exner-Pirot / Hubertus Bardt

A Statement of the G7 countries under the presidency of Germany in June 2022 expressed the intention of establishing an international climate club that is open and cooperative, with aspirations ranging from coordinating ambitious and transparent climate mitigation policies.


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Dependence - What does it mean and where does it exist?
IW-Report No. 56 3. November 2022

Dependence - What does it mean and where does it exist?

Melinda Fremerey / Simon Gerards Iglesias

The concept of dependency has been at the center of most recent policy debates. The German economy's dependence on exports, Europe's military dependence on the USA and, not least, the Germans' dependence on Russian gas - dependencies seem omnipresent and at the same time hardly solvable.


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