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Fields of application and success factors
Andrea Hammermann / Judith Lehr / Alexander Burstedde IW-Report No. 28 23. May 2022

HR Analytics: Fields of application and success factors

In this study, the term HR analytics is used to describe data-based decision-making in HR, whereby the transitions from classic HR controlling to HR analytics, in which various data sources are combined to identify interdependencies and make predictions, are fluid. The study provides an overview of the potential of HR analytics and the success factors for its ...


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How circular are companies?
Sarah Fluchs / Adriana Neligan / Carmen Schleicher / Edgar Schmitz IW-Report No. 27 20. May 2022

Circular Business Models: How circular are companies?

On the way to climate neutrality, the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy plays an important role. Resource cycles can be implemented in different ways in companies.


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Adriana Neligan / Rupert J. Baumgartner / Martin Geissdoerfer / Josef-Peter Schögg in Business Strategy and the Environment External Publication 23. May 2022

Circular disruption: Digitalisation as a driver of circular economy business models

New circular business models can evolve at all stages of the life cycle of a product. Digitalisation can drive disruptive innovations, new business models and novel ways of collaboration and thus can accelerate the economic transition to more ...


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