The gender pay gap and measures which might reduce it rank high on the agenda of the government and the social partner organisations, as can be seen from the many initiatives that have been launched over the last few years. However, while the unions claim that voluntary programmes and initiatives have not proved successful in reducing the gender pay gap and promoting gender mainstreaming and thus call for legislative action, the employers' associations strongly oppose any mandatory measures by the government addressing issues such as pay and recruitment.

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IW-Report, 15. Juli 2016

Andrea Hammermann / Jörg Schmidt / Oliver Stettes A web tool-based equal gender pay analysis for a competitive EuropeArrow

The equal pacE web tool is an interactive software application that informs the user about the extent of gender pay gaps in his or her organisation. In this IW-Report the researches present the tool's features and give an overview about the lessons learned from using the tool. mehr

IW-Pressemitteilung, 13. Juni 2016

Lohnlücke Der Staat muss nicht handelnArrow

Frauen verdienen in Deutschland durchschnittlich rund 21 Prozent weniger als Männer. Die Bundesregierung findet das besorgniserregend und will mit einem „Lohngerechtigkeitsgesetz“ gegensteuern. Doch eine Analyse des Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (IW) zeigt: Die gesamtwirtschaftliche Lohnlücke ist wesentlich kleiner als gedacht, ein staatlicher Eingriff nicht gerechtfertigt. mehr