Ende Februar fand ein öffentliches Fachgespräch des Finanzausschusses des Bundestags statt. Zu den geladenen Sachverständigen gehörte auch Professor Michael Hüther, Direktor des Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln. Er und die anderen Sachverständigen bewerteten den "Schlussbericht der hochrangigen Expertengruppe für Strukturreformen im EU-Bankensektor", auch bekannt als "Liikanen-Report".

Beitrag in der Zeitschrift Kreditwesen

Michael Hüther: Re-Regulierung des Bankensystems – Stand und Perspektiven
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The Case for Reviving Securitization
IW-Kurzbericht, 26. September 2016

Markus Demary The Case for Reviving SecuritizationArrow

European financial markets are still fragmented. A lack of cross-border lending and cross-border asset holdings hinders the financing of the economy, the conduct of monetary policy as well as cross-border risk-sharing against asymmetric shocks. Reviving the market for securitizations is vital for achieving these goals. A true European Capital Markets Union is needed, but there are still a lot of obstacles to overcome. mehr

Why the ECB is not to blame for low interest rates
Gastbeitrag, 15. September 2016

Markus Demary auf EUROPP Why the ECB is not to blame for low interest ratesArrow

In the latest set of EU stress tests, several German lenders performed poorly. As Markus Demary writes in EUROPP (Blog of LSE about European Politics and Policy), some of this performance has been blamed on low interest rates squeezing the profitability of lenders. He argues that while the ECB has frequently been blamed for this situation, the reality is more complex and instead reflects long-term trends which can only be addressed by lasting structural reforms. mehr